Adeline Fabre - Partner

After 15 years of experience in leadership teams in the public and private sectors, dealing with green energy, energy efficiency and agriculture industries, Adeline has recently joined CAC as a Partner to support investment and development in these areas across Africa. Prior to working with CAC she was with OCP Group (Morocco), a leading fertilizer manufacturer, where she had successfully launched OCP Africa and its subsidiaries accross 14 countries. From Lagos where she is now based, she is able to source, screen and monitor closely CAC opportunities for the continent, as well as interact with CAC  partners  and  shareholders.  Adeline  holds  an  MBA  in  Public 

Administration (Corps des Mines, Paris) and a Masters in Biology and Ecology (ULM – Paris). She is also a Choiseul Laureate.

Choiseul Africa Capital

C/o Axis Fiduciary Ltd, 2nd Floor,

The Axis, 26 Cibercity,

Ebene 72201, Mauritius

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